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Continuous Bags – Midi

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Go Long Continuous Midi bags fit the Go Long Continuous Bag Midi stands.
No Need to touch contaminated areas. Most hygienic bags on the market.

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Save up to 60% on waste bags! The Go Long Continuous Bag system will save you time and money over traditional bin bags. Options include Extra Strong (30 Microns strength, 70 meters length) and Extra Long (22 Microns strength, 85 meters length) with multiple colours to choose from (For reference a standard bin bag is 8 microns).

The Go Long Continuous Bags are more hygienic that traditional bags, as there is no need to touch the contaminated surfaces when changing bags.  Protect yourself and your staff by making the switch to the Go Long Continuous Bags system!

Colour Options:

  • 70m:
    • Black
  • 85m:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Yellow

Size Options:

  • Extra Strong (30 Microns strength, 70 meters length)
  • Extra Long (22 Microns strength, 85 meters length)

Extra Strong option for heavier waste.
Extra Long for lower density but high volume waste areas.
5 colours to choose from – colour code you waste streams.
Save on bag wastage. Use only what you need.
Better workplace health and safety. Don’t carry overly heavy bags
Save on labour. Bag changing is a breeze and the bags are already on the stand.
Fast becoming the preferred bag for Supermarkets and Delis giants.

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 56 × 16 × 17 cm
Length (meter)

70 – Extra Strong, 85 – Extra Long


Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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