H70 Large Horizonal Baler
H70 Large Horizonal BalerLarge warehouse in Perth
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We wanted to send you an update on the H70 machine that we installed at the end of last year 2021.

When we first started talking, it was because we were spending far too much time cutting up boxes and placing them into a smaller machine.

As the recycling areas volumes were increasing, our concern was that it was taking far too long in a day to keep the area up to date, so we conducted a time and motion study, and found that it took in excess of 2 hours per day to keep under control, which meant taking valuable resources out of another area just to manage the recycling workload.

Since purchasing the H70 we have reduced the time taken to crush the cardboard and compact them into 700KG bales, by at least those 2 hours per day, which has now allowed us to place more emphasis on our overall housekeeping within our warehouse and grounds, and apply those resources to tasks such as loading vehicles for delivering product to the end consumer.

We have to say that it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your staff, and form the onset when placing the order, communication on the delivery status of the machine, the installation, training and after sales service, nothing has ever been a problem and have to say your service has and is exemplary.

Once again, thank you for the all your effort and if the opportunity arises we will be happy to recommend your company and services to any prospective equipment purchaser.
Express 200 General Waste Compactor
Express 200 General Waste CompactorA Linen services in Perth
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We approached Michael at Smart Waste to advise us on a solution to reduce our waste collection of 12-18 m3 mtrs weekly.

Our waste consisted of the below products 1. Lint which is a by-product of our process.
2. General waste, food scraps, plastic bottles and aluminium cans.
3. Plastic strapping.
4. Plastic wrapping, plastic bags.

Michael solution was to install a XP200 compactor. The purchase and installation were seamless, we only had to install ½” air supply. within 2 hours of machine arriving to site we are into our onsite training which was supplied with the machine.

The XP200 has performed exactly as Michael described, we have reduced our waste collection to 6m3 weekly.

We haven’t experienced any overweight bins from our waste removal company indicating we have achieved removing air from the 6m3 skip.

The XP200 is very basic to operate, our cleaner who collects all rubbish from the building then completes the compacting which has only added 10 mins to his daily tasks.

I would recommend the XP200 for compacting suitable waste materials to reduce the weekly collection from a disposal company.
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